Real Estate Packages

Body Corporate and Property Managers

Tailor one of our cost effective packages to your needs - maintaining a building; keeping the current tenants happy; preparing a property for lease or sale.

We offer the following comprehensive solutions:

Programme the Paint

A customised painting programme that staggers the painting and cost over a set time period.

Complete Manpower Repaint

Use our manpower and quality to get in and get the entire building painted in one quick cost-effective hit. 

Paint Protection Maintenance Plan

A customised plan aimed at increasing the paint’s life once it has been applied. It also ensures the interior and/or exterior of a building remains in pristine condition, is protected and looks good to customers, tenants, visitors and the general public. 

Making Good Makeover

Spencer Painters and Decorators will repaint a building internally and/or externally to remove your corporate colours and restore the building to its pre-lease condition. If there are contractual agreements in place obligating the various parties to pay for different aspects to “make good”, then we’ll separate the costs out for the parties concerned.

Rental Property Renovate

We’ve developed two simple cost effective real estate sales marketing tools. Either package will help present your investment property in the best possible way in the least possible time to assist the sale and increase your returns.

Blank Canvas

Transform the interior of a poorly maintained property into a bright, fresh and clean environment. All surfaces are painted white with a coating that dries to a beautiful low lustre finish in half the time (on average) of a normal painting and decorating project. The finish can be extended to the exterior of the property (conditions apply).

Rental Property Return

Maximise the sale price or rental return on your investment property by modernising the interior and/or exterior to appeal to prospective buyers or tenants, and only pay for the painting work completed on your property the day the property is rented or sold.

How we do it is entirely up to you!

Midnight Makeover - All interior work is completed after-hours to allow day-to-day business operations to continue with minimal disruptions.

One Week Dash - One week start to finish timeframe (conditions apply).

Programme the Paint - Staggering the introduction of new colours and cost over a set time period.

Special Offer for Bodies Corporate and Property Managers

Pay for the completed paintwork on the day the building/site is leased.

Payment becomes due in full if the building is withdrawn from leasing or sale and/or the leasing or sale takes longer than two months after painting completion.