Painting for your dairy farm 

Creating the best environment for Dairy Farmers is of paramount importance. Spencer Painters have been in business for more than 30 years and we are proud of our reputation for reliability and professionalism that’s why our painting programme should be your first choice when it comes to creating, but equally important, maintaining your business. Choosing the correct paint solutions, surface preparation, technique and maintenance strategy all require a level of skill and understanding that we can provide. 

Our staff are among the most experienced in their field. Our clients know that a long-term relationship with Spencer’s means not only immaculate site presentation, but the added benefit of master tradespeople who can add genuine value to your maintenance programme.

We are specialists when it comes to providing a long-term solution to the needs of our customers. With food safety compliance high on the agenda we understand that every site has its own unique requirements and we can tailor a painting solution that addresses your specific needs. 

 Services can include anything from a simple one off repaints to a regular maintenance programme, from floor to ceiling we recognise that there is an ever-increasing need for engineered Coatings designed to protect your investment. Paint systems that are hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Spencer Painters and Decorators offer the most comprehensive range of painting and repainting services in the Canterbury/South Island region. 

We have large teams that allows us to get in and get out as fast as possible, and because we also do residential painting, we can take care of your personal needs if required while on site. ​

Spencer Painters Christchurch