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Christchurch Paint Protection Maintenance Programmes

Spencer Painters and Decorators has tailored comprehensive paint protection maintenance plans for both large and small buildings. Our maintenance programme will increase the paint’s life once it has been applied and ensure the interior and/or exterior of your building remains in pristine condition.

Why is a maintenance programme important:

New Zealand has one of the highest UV levels in the world and salt air/marine conditions affect houses and buildings in most of our major cities and towns.

These environmental conditions play havoc with our painted buildings and homes, affecting the life of paint, its colour performance and the protection levels it provides. So it’s imperative that we look after our homes and buildings through regular maintenance, regular washing and the use of certified paint applicators, products and systems.

We’ll design a plan to suit your needs around the following:

  • Free Painting Maintenance Plan
  • Free Paint Protection Programme
  • Free annual or biannual building inspections
  • Free painting inspection report
  • An on-call qualified painter (at agreed discounted rate and minimal call out fee)
  • Painting touch ups/maintenance work at agreed discounted rates
  • Repainting at agreed discounted rates
  • On-call qualified painter at agreed discounted rates
  • Discounted building exterior soft washes
  • The guarantee that maintenance work will be:
    - Undertaken as and when you require
- To the standards required
- With minimal or no disruption

Programme the Paint

Designed to stagger the paintwork and payment of large-scale painting projects over a number of years. It’s a more affordable solution allowing you to spread the cost over a set period of time (usually several years) to minimise the financial impact on day-to-day operations and cash flow management. We tailor this package to suit the needs of the client and organise our repainting to fit in with them.

All Programme the Paint packages come with a complimentary Spencer Painters and Decorators Paint Protection Maintenance Plan.

Water Cleaning

For the interior and exterior of buildings, houses, bars and restaurants. Our Get Wet team is very experienced, friendly, discrete and reliable. There’s no job they won’t tackle.

Water blasting / chemical wash

We always ensure surfaces are properly prepared before painting. Our team will use water blasting to ensure weathered or failing paint is removed. For big projects, we have a preferred supplier arrangement with Christchurch’s leading water blasting company, Canterbury Water Blasting.

Water cleaning / soft wash

A building wash is one of the most effective ways to increase the life of exterior paint. It’s a simple process that removes dirt and grime build-up preventing it from eating into or damaging the painted surface, and has the two-fold benefit of increasing the timeframe between repainting and ensuring the building maintains a professional look and feel. We offer it as part of our paint maintenance programmes as well as a one-off service for customers as and when they need it.

Interior paint wash

We can rejuvenate an internal paint job by washing the walls and ceiling to remove dirt and grime. It’s particularly effective at removing dirt accumulated on walls and ceilings from air-conditioning units.